The Founder - Amrita Das

The Wedding Raga

It all started with an idea that how a girl wants to look in her own eyes and in her would be life partner’s eyes on her wedding day….the look will be ever lasted in the memory of each we as a team stated to work on how to portray the special feelings, the unforgettable and forever new moments in the lens and make them as lively as possible. As a team we work little different from others. our idea of pre-wedding or post wedding is different than others. We share each others thoughts and try to create unique candid frames for the wedding couples. here is some details about our team and concepts… …Professionally the Sr. Business Development Manager in a reputed organization, Amrita is working for last 5 years, also looks after the creative department of her company. She started this wedding photography venture. She loves photography from her core of her heart and pours her soul into photography. Being a lady she understands and feels intensely, how a bride feels on her wedding day. She captures her feeling through her lens. Her passion for her work reflects in her own word and work” Wedding Moments can never be recreated, they are eternal forever….to make the bride beautiful through your lens, you first need to think like her, understand how she wants to look …..Then only you can reflect her image on your lens”